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A rope creates a connection that has to hold in many ways.

To achieve this, we have been combining decisive material criteria since 1889: flexibility with robustness or lightness with stability. As a visionary company, we combine our long tradition with innovation and unite the highest demands with the rough requirements in daily practice.

Our products are a firm promise to our customers that they will withstand any test of endurance. We fulfil this because we have made this claim our mission since our founding. Our ropes show character because they have been developed with a lot of dedication and know-how for the respective purposes.

We are never satisfied with what we have achieved and want to make good things even better. This spirit of innovation has made VORNBÄUMEN what it is today: a leading manufacturer of steel ropes with a strong product range that delivers what it promises!

Wire rope production in Bad Iburg

Strong local roots and global operations

VORNBÄUMEN has been producing wire ropes in Bad Iburg for 125 years. Our developments and innovations start here and are developed to market maturity here. Centrally located in Germany, Bad Iburg already proved to be the ideal base for the founders of the successful company. Due to the concentration of all production steps from the wire drawing mill to the rope factory, we produce wire ropes and wires of the highest quality very flexibly from here for the entire world market. VORNBÄUMEN therefore feels a strong connection to Bad Iburg and the region and is committed to its roots.

Spiral production in Allstedt

Der ideale Partner für Weltweiten Erfolg

Our production site in Allstedt has been expanding our portfolio since the mid-1990s. Since then, it has continuously developed into a technology location for system components for actuating hoists. This includes numerous special products for the automotive and two-wheeler industries. This ideally complements the classic wire rope range, and the resulting synergies ensure the development of new markets and thus opportunities for the future. Allstedt is a location typically VORNBÄUMEN – always on the move.

System partner of the industry

VORNBÄUMEN – With system to success

In recent years, we have consistently developed into a system provider for industry. To this end, VORNBÄUMEN has developed and expanded the three technology pillars of wire ropes, wires and system components for wire rope sheaths to meet the needs of our customers. These areas are supported by a continuous process of innovation and quality management. This makes VORNBÄUMEN a successful development partner that today offers well thought-out solutions to numerous industrial customers.

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VORNBÄUMEN since 1889

Johannes and Wilhelm VORNBÄUMEN, the founders of the company, gave utmost priority to developing the company and improving production and technology right from the beginning