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Alpine Ropes – Safety from VORNBÄUMEN

Safety is of course of utmost importance for Alpine Ropes. Special requirements are placed on cable car ropes by European standard 12385-8. Special criteria apply, in particular with regard to construction, the strength of the wires and the special lubrication of steel ropes. In addition to highest safety standards, it is also extremely important that passengers feel safe and secure. Our know-how and our own development activities ensure that VORNBÄUMEN Alpine Ropes guarantee a comfortable and smooth ride while meeting all the required safety standards.

Cable Car Ropes
6 x 19S-FC Ø 16 - 34 mm - more
6 x 7-FC Ø 8 - 26 mm - more
Ropes for Snow Groomers
VS 8-4 C Ø 10 - 11 mm - more
VS 9-1 C Ø 11 - 11 mm - more