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BLACK STAR* ― The Invisible Star in the Theatre

BLACK STAR* is a typical example of VORNBÄUMEN’s innovative strength. For special rope applications, in particular in stage technology and the architecture industry, our engineers have developed a globally unique rope blackening system. Our sophisticated chemical process for colouring the ropes, as well as the special preservation of the rope surfaces, ensures the durability and long service life of our products. Black ropes have been part of our special rope range since 2002 and have been sold successfully worldwide. Our BLACK STAR* ropes are available in various designs and diameters!

Black Ropes
6 x 7-WSC Ø 1.5 - 5 mm - more
6 x 19M-WSC Ø 3 - 10 mm - more
17 x 7-WSC Ø 4 - 10 mm - more

* MICROPE, BLACK STAR and VoReX are VORNBÄUMEN Stahlseile brands.