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Crane ropes – long-lasting, robust and safe

Crane ropes form an important link in the world’s economy. The offshore, logistics and construction industries are but three industries with ever-increasing demands on the quality of our high-performance ropes. Not only do they have to withstand extreme weather conditions and frequent load changes, but it must also be ensured that downtimes for maintenance and replacement are kept to a minimum. Our crane ropes are designed to meet exactly these requirements. VORNBÄUMEN Stahlseile provides you with an extensive range of ropes for all common crane applications. These include both rotation-resistant and non-rotation-resistant designs. Depending on your requirements, we offer ropes which are compacted using a variety of methods, and with various degrees of compaction. Additional plastic padding improves the shape stability of the rope and prevents premature wear from appearing in the interior of the rope.

Due to their (at least) double-ply, counter-directional strand design, rotation-resistant ropes offer minimal rotation, even when used as a single-strand rope.

According to EN 12385-3, they are classified in two categories: “Rotation Resistant Class A” and “Rotation Resistant Class B”.

Please see our Technical Information for details.

Crane rope
VS 16-1 Ø 7 - 36 mm - more
VS 16-2 C Ø 8 - 30 mm - more
VS 16-3 C Ø 8 - 30 mm - more
VS 16-4 CP Ø 8 - 30 mm - more
VS 16-5 C Ø 8 - 30 mm - more
VS 16-6 Ø 8 - 20 mm - more
VS 15-1 C Ø 8 - 28 mm - more