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VoReX – Forestry ropes for professionals

VoReX* ropes not only satisfy users in Germany: we traditionally also supply customers in the Alps region, Scandinavia and elsewhere via our dealers. Our tried and tested forestry ropes are usually peened in order to generate a higher metallic cross section and thus higher breaking forces, and in order to create as smooth a rope surface as possible. In particular in rocky terrain, this offers fewer contact surfaces that can be damaged. The use of peened ropes is also advantageous with multi-layer winding on rope winches. Furthermore, the service life of the rope can be significantly increased by special lubrication which, in particular, substantially reduces friction and corrosion.

Forestry Ropes
VS 6-3 C Ø 8 - 24 mm - more
VS 6-4 C Ø 8 - 24 mm - more
VS 6-6 C Ø 8 - 24 mm - more
VS 6-5 C Ø 8 - 24 mm - more