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To increase the breaking force of our products without increasing the diameter of the rope, we compact the strands, the rope or both in combination. In addition to the greater metal cross section and the resulting higher breaking force, compacted ropes also have smoother strand and rope surfaces.
Compacted strands provide the rope with greater flexibility and minimise both friction and corrosion in the rope. In addition, they reduce the risk of negative imprints in the grooves of the rollers and improve the service life of the rope in the casing of multi-layer winding.
Furthermore, the compaction of the rope increases its pressure stability and, due to a lower tendency to indent and optimised pressure distribution, it improves the properties of the rope for multi-layer winding.



• Increases the metallic cross section and the breaking forces
• Increases the surface contact between individual wires
• Achieves a smoother rope surface
• Improves the contact ratio between the rope and the rope groove
• Reduces the indenting of adjacent rope strands
• Improves the structure stability in the casing of multi-layer windings