Wire ropes

Wires from our own drawing mill

Wires from VORNBÄUMEN make the subtle difference. On the one hand, our wire rope production is much more flexible and reliable thanks to our own drawing shop in the Bad Iburg factory. Our wires as a finished product thus also meet all requirements and correspond to our demands for reliability and quality.

Wires for every application in the highest quality

We can guarantee the highest quality in the production of our wires because we have been constantly developing our production processes for many decades. Due to the individual production possibilities and process-controlled manufacturing methods, we can offer you our wires in very different variants, matched to your intended purpose: Different wire thicknesses, surfaces, strength classes and coil sizes are part of our range.

In our wire stock you will find all common wire gauges in different designs:

  • blank
  • phosphate-coated 
  • zink-coated


  • brass-plated
  • stainless steel

Zinc-coated class A as well as additional diameter and special products upon request.


Strength N/mm²13701570177019602160
min. Ø0.
max. Ø3.504.203.503.002.30

Zinc-coated class B

Strength N/mm²13701570177019602160
min. Ø0.300.
max. Ø5.004.203.503.002.30

Zinc-alloy 5% class B

Strength N/mm²13701570177019602160
min. Ø0.400.400.400.400.40
max. Ø5.004.203.503.002.30
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